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Gimme some link Love :)

Been looking around for some related blogs to check out.   These seem pretty good.  I thought I’d book mark them 🙂


Taking a break to Scotland for Christmas

Been thinking of taking a Christmas holiday this year.  Been thinking of Lodges in Scotland.  Can anybody recommend anywhere?

OOooooo this looks so cosy and nice 🙂



Letter from Sean Connery

Letter from Sean Connery

I’m JAMES BOND…love it!

Top 10 energy talks on

I just had to share this little gem that I came across recently.  It’s a playlist of the top 10 alternative energy talks on  If you haven’t seen Ted talks yet then you are missing out!  It’s a meeting of some of the greatest thinkers and creative minds on the planet who get together to give talks and presentations on their insights and often groundbreaking discoveries.

Here’s a great playlist regarding alternative energy.

Here’s a screenshot:



Thinking of swapping our fossil fuel boiler for a biomass boiler

We have had a fossil fuel boiler for many years now but given the problems we are seeing with our environment we thought we need to start thinking about using a different type of boiler so we’ve been doing some research and have decided to go for a wooden pellet biomass boiler.

Apparently they are a lot better than the log ones which need a lot of cleaning and loading and then more cleaning and loading.  I can’t be bothered with all that effort to be honest so it was a Godsend to find one that can even clean itself as well as put the fuel in itself!

We like the idea of using timber that we can get locally and especially as it comes from a sustained forestry source meaning that we are eating away at mother Earth.  What this means basically is that for each tree torn down another is planted in its place.

We’ve been looking a few models and makes but have settled on the wood pellet Spira range of Biomass boilers from Grant.  They not only manufacturer and design them but also have a patent on a type of flue which retains more heat than others so that sounds good enough to me.

I know our local Sainsbury’s switched to a Biomass boiler not so long ago and they have no complaints and it never seems cold or anything when I go in there so this is a big plus.  The manager Eddie seems pleased with it as it has saved them a fortune in cleaning the burner out etc.

The initial outlay seems quite a lot but I think we will end up saving a fair amount of money in the long run as the fuel seems to be a bit cheaper than it would have taken for us to switch to gas, we’ll see.

Ok got to run for now but I’ll keep you informed how it goes.


Welcome to my new blog

Hi thanks for taking the time to visit my little corner of the world.  This blog represents my interest in energy and investigation into alternative more efficient sources.  We live in crisis times with regard to the use and depletion of our natural resources and I believe it is all of our responsibility to do something about it.


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